SunTek Window Films


SunTekVirginia-based  SunTek has taken the lead in the affordable solar control window film industry over the years by consistently enhancing their product line to offer their customers increased energy efficiency through window tinting. Because they are based in our home state, we have easy access to their premium line of films that are perfect for any of our customers’ interior needs. If you are looking to lower your energy bills and make your home or office more comfortable, R & J Tinting can install these films on the inside of the windows in your property without forcing you to break the bank.

SunTek operates out of one of the most technologically advanced window film manufacturing plants in the world, where they have spent years developing new looks and products for a wide array of uses. Their line of window films is extensive, and there is a product available to help create almost any kind of interior environment you desire.


This is SunTek’s high-end, spectrally-selective line of window films that provides the ultimate in solar performance in the form of heat, infrared, and UV rejection. These raw-metal films are non-corrosive, eliminating the need for edge sealing when installed indoors. Best of all, the low reflectivity of the Ultra-VisionDS window films make for unobstructed, crystal-clear views wherever you place them.

SymphonyDS and Dual-ReflectiveDS

Dual-reflective window films are extremely popular in homes as well as businesses because they provide superb solar protection at an affordable rate. The SymphonyDS is a class-leading option, as it features a patented construction that offers practically no glare and a crisp, neutral appearance, as well as a speedy dry time that allows for a quick installation. The Dual-ReflectiveDS window film features a similar features and feel as the SymphonyDS while offering a different overall look at a lower price.


Available in a sputtered bronzed or a sputtered neutral look, this window film complements a wide array of interior decors, upping the elegance of any room it is placed in while minimizing solar glare. Like all SunTek products, the InfinityDS is made to blend in natural, enhancing views rather than obstructing them.


If you are looking for a mirrored look for the windows of your business, these designs can be applied to your property with ease. The vapor-coated aluminum construction makes this a wonderful option for a wide array of applications, offering premium solar reflectivity in the form of heat and UV rejection as will as glare minimization. This is a leading choice for commercial structures and a great alternative to more expensive products.

Suntek even offers a wide array of custom, specialty products that you can request to help meet the specific needs of your home or office. Upon request, they can manufacture films with 2M White Matte or a complete blackout finish to provide optimal privacy. They even make anti-graffiti films, two-way mirror applications and high-reflectivity designs that resemble those used on automobiles.

All films offered by SunTek have a manufacturer’s warranty that guarantees your investment will be protected. Best of all, you can rely on R & J Tinting to provide you with top-tier installation no matter the scope or breadth of your project. Whether you are looking for a decorative window film in the form of the InfinityDS sputtered bronze product or added security through SunTek’s SilverDS reflective window films, we will make sure you are satisfied with your installation. We offer the best tinting in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., and stand behind the products we use.