Wisconsin school district has saved hundreds of thousands on energy efficiency

The public schools of Marshfield, Wisconsin, have been able to save over $500,000 in utility expenses since investing into energy efficiency programs four years ago.

Local news source The Marshfield News-Herald reports that over just the past year the district has been able to yield $18,000 in energy savings. This marks the fourth consecutive year that Marshfield schools were able to save thousands of dollars on power bills, a development that has been attributed to new lights installed in three elementary schools and upgraded air handlers in the high school.

"In 2008, there were some huge gains," Rom Sturomski, director of buildings and grounds for the district, told the source. "Now we have things so dialed in after five years, but we're still squeezing out $18,000, that's really good."

Between 2005 and the 2008-09 school year, the Marshfield School District spent about $900,000 on energy bills every year. Last year, those expenses were cut down by nearly one-third, down to $635,000. These energy-efficient measures have also helped the schools reduce their carbon footprint, cutting back on 1,700 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

This past summer, school officials replaced three-quarters of the middle school's single-paned windows with more eco-friendly models. Looking ahead, Sturomski told the source that the best thing they can do to ensure continuous success with energy efficiency is to educate people about some of the simple, everyday measures they can take, such as turning off the lights in empty rooms or closing the blinds if the air conditioning is on and the sun is beating down on the windows. 

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