Washington D.C. ranked as seventh most energy efficient city

For years, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has released annual rankings of states in terms of energy efficiency. New England, the Mid-Atlantic region and the West Coast typically place among the higher spots on these lists. This month, ACEEE released its first-ever City Energy Efficiency Scorecard, highlighting the country's greenest metropolitan areas. Geographically, the winning regions aren't much different from the state scorecards, with Washington, D.C., again ranking big with a spot as America's seventh most energy-efficient city. 

In its profile of the Nation's Capital, ACEEE highlights a number of the features that earned the city its placement on the list, including:

  • A high quantity of eco-friendly freight facilities
  • An above-average investment into public works, transportation and government efficiency initiatives
  • The Clean Energy and Affordable Energy Act of 2008 that stipulated multifamily and commercial buildings in the area to report and rate their levels of energy consumption
  • The DC Sustainable Energy Utility, which works to implement job-creating and energy-saving measures throughout the city.

The report wasn't all praise, though, with the study noting that there's still plenty of room for improvement, particularly when it comes to establishing power consumption goals for local government projects and increasing the use of efficient district energy systems, like combined heat and power.

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