Virginia to make serious statewide investments into energy efficiency

Last month, the Virginia Chamber of Conference held the Governor's Conference on Energy to discuss various opportunities for statewide energy efficiency investment. Speaking at the gathering, Governor Bob McDonnell emphasized the importance of adopting greener, more renewable sources of power to both mitigate environmental impacts and promote economic growth.

"In order to grow our economy, we must promote an 'all of the above' approach to energy development, not just in Virginia, but across our nation," McDonnell told the audience. "It remains true: More energy equals more jobs. We need both in Virginia and America."

The Richmond Times-Dispatch, a local news publication, has outlined some of the energy programs put forth at the conference:

  • New charging stations, opened by California-based manufacturer Tesla Motors, for electric vehicles
  • Smart meters – of which 160,000 already exist in the state – that better determine and regulate household energy consumption, allowing for more precise voltage that will reduce electricity demand and help save money for both utility companies and their customers
  • Testing the potential for coalbed-derived natural gas, providing a fuel source free of harmful carbon dioxide emissions

The more the state adopts energy efficient measures, the more residents will be able to see the financial and environmental benefits of going green.

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