Virginia takes major step forward on renewable energy

For energy efficiency advocates, solar and wind are the future. While the country is still years, if not decades, away from becoming completely sustainable, utility companies continue to take important steps in reaching that goal. One Virginia company, Dominion Virginia Power, made an impressive move earlier this month when they paid $1.6 million to lease a tract of land off the coast of Virginia Beach for the country's first offshore wind power farm.

Local publication The News & Advance reports that, once built, the 113,000-acre farm could generate 2,000 megawatts a year, which is enough to fulfill the annual energy needs of 700,000 houses. 

"Offshore wind has the potential to provide the largest, scalable renewable resource for Virginia if it can be achieved at a reasonable cost to customers," said Mary Doswell, the company's senior vice president of Alternative Energy Solutions, in an official statement. 

The decision earned praise from environmentalists and other efficiency supporters. Senator Mark Warner, a long-time advocate for offshore energy sources, hailed the deal as an "important milestone in the development of Virginia's renewable energy industry," adding that such an investment not improves energy infrastructure but also creates scores of new jobs.

Doswell cautioned that Dominion Virginia Power still "has a lot of work to complete" over the next five years, especially as it would be the first such wind farm in the entire nation. Despite the long road ahead, the development is a promising one and offers a glimpse at a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

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