Virginia initiative offers energy-saving tips for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and the things on everyone's mind include family, football, parades, holiday shopping and, of course, tons of food. But indulging yourself in a feast this Thursday doesn't mean you have to indulge on energy consumption either! Virginia Energy Sense, an efficiency education program set up by the state, is offering residents a slew of tips that can help save on those rising utility costs over the holiday:

  • Don't keep opening the fridge door: Instead, just pull out of all the ingredients you need at once, to keep from wasting energy on repeatedly opening the refrigerator door.
  • Don't preheat: It's going to take hours to cook that turkey anyway and skipping the preheating phase can help save money on your heating bill.
  • Switch off unused appliances: Since everyone will spend the night eating in one or two rooms, turn off lights and unplug appliances in the rest of the home that you aren't going to use.
  • Turn down the thermostat: This may sound like crazy advice for the winter, but if you're having guests over, your home will have no shortage of body heat to go around. You'll still stay warm while saving money in the process.
  • Use an oven timer: Constantly opening the oven door can cause its temperature to drop by as much as 25 degrees. Using an oven timer to track when the food is ready can help prevent energy from being wasted.

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