Virginia gubernatorial candidates argue state energy policy

Energy efficiency has long been a hot subject of debate for politicians and that continues to hold true in Virginia's gubernatorial race, where the two candidates have outlined their own, very different plans on energy policy for the commonwealth. 

The Daily Caller reports the Consumer Energy Alliance held a debate on energy last Thursday, September 19, in which the two candidates were able to showcase their proposed policies to the crowd. Democratic hopeful Terry McAuliffe came out strongly in support of energy efficiency, advocating for subsidies for green, renewable power sources. To that end, the nominee argued the importance of investing into green energy jobs across the state and funding university research studies into alternative fuels.

"There's so much work we can do on energy efficiency," McAuliffe told the crowd. "We need to provide incentives for homeowners and move ahead on offshore wind energy development. We could light up 10,000 homes, but we could also create thousands of jobs." 

Conversely, Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican challenger, stressed the necessity of combating governmental attempts to scale down the state's coal, oil and natural gas industries. Although he maintained that he was in favor of renewable energy, he cited the state's workforce – many of whom are embedded in coal and oil jobs – as reason for the harm that green power mandates could end up causing. 

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