Utah's "Zero Home" is the country's most energy efficient house

Green living has given homeowners a way to cut down on their expensive utility bills as well as diminish harmful greenhouse gas emissions that impact the environment. For some, the initial costs needed for energy efficient lifestyles may act as too much of a deterrent. But for others, investing into an eco-friendly home is worth it and promises long-term savings on electricity and heating expenses. But regardless of which side of the debate you subscribe to, the fact remains that many Americans are in the market for properties that emphasize energy efficiency.

According to Earth Techling, a green technology news outlet, the very first "Zero Home" has been built in Utah. Named after its officially certified status as a net-zero, energy-efficient property, every ounce of power used by the Zero Home is generated completely on-site thanks to sources of renewable energy. This feature is even more impressive considering that the house is situated in a Climate Zone 5 area, meaning that the region endures warmer summers and colder winters than most other areas and requires greater amounts of daily energy consumption.

"Advanced framing techniques, sophisticated insulation, air sealing, tight ducts and air barriers all work together to control air and moisture flow and keep the Zero Home's utility bills as low as possible," the home's designers explained on their website. "By retaining its own heat, the house uses less and wastes less energy."

While these kinds of residences are a long way off from becoming common fixtures on the real estate market, current homeowners have a wealth of energy efficiency options available to them now. If you live in Virginia or Maryland, contact R and J Tinting about our residential window tinting film, which can be installed into your home's windows and absorb sunlight, helping to better regulate household temperatures and keep energy bills down.