Tips for reducing the electric costs of your air conditioner

Here in the Mid Atlantic, summers can be hot and humid, especially heading into the tail end of July and beginning of August, when temperatures begin to skyrocket. As a result, there are frequently heat warnings issued by government officials that mandate residents avoid going outside instead and blast the air conditioner.

However, while you may be avoiding heat stroke by staying indoors, you are also likely putting a major burden on your utility costs every time you turn on your trusty window unit or central air. Here are a few tips you should consider to make sure that your utility costs stay at least reasonable during this trying time of year – after all, while AC may be a blessing to many, cool air doesn't come for free.

  • Designate a space – It would be nice if one window AC could adequately moderate temperatures in your entire house, but in reality, these devices are only designed to make sure that a few hundred square feet are cooled off. Choose one room that the entire household can enjoy while the air conditioner is running. This way, once the room is cooled, you don't have to leave the device running, saving you power.
  • Turn off the lights – Counteract the increased usage of power by turning off as many lights in the house as possible. Again, choose one room for everyone to gather in – ideally the one with the air conditioner – and turn off the lights throughout the rest of the house.
  • Invest in window film – By tinting your windows, you reduce the amount of thermal energy that is entering your home, making the space significantly cooler on extremely sunny days.

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