Study: Energy efficient buildings lead to higher productivity

It's common knowledge at this point that energy efficiency and other "green" measures can go a long way in making the environment feel better, but could it have the same effect on people too? According to new research, people who work in eco-friendly buildings generally feel healthier and more productive compared to those in standard offices.

SmartPlanet, a green news outlet, recounts the findings of a Michigan State University (MSU) study, which found that employees in office buildings that had earned Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification reported greater instances of productivity and fewer cases of stress or depression.

"The preliminary findings indicate that green buildings may positively affect public health," wrote the authors of the study.

Among their findings, the MSU researchers discovered that:

  • Absence caused by depression or stress fell from 0.93 hours over a month to 0.47
  • Average number of hours per month when employees felt stressed or depressed in the workplace dropped from 20.21 to 14.06
  • Employees in conventional offices typically felt 0.80 percent less productive, whereas workers in a LEED-certified building felt 2.18 percent more productive.
  • Total time that workers suffered from asthma or other respiratory allergies decline from 16.28 hours to 6.32.

Not only do energy efficient buildings save money by reducing utility costs, but according to this study, they can generate further revenue by spurring greater worker productivity and curbing the number of days where employees call out due to sickness, depression or stress.

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