Smart glass windows offer new solution to energy efficiency

While many Americans nowadays are looking to jump on the green bandwagon and remodel their homes into something more eco-friendly – whether for environmental or financial reasons – there always remains the lingering question of where to start. To be sure, there are several contributing factors that could make a home energy efficient or inefficient, but that list is topped by one ubiquitous, flawed feature: Windows. While the common household window does its job of trapping in air and leaving out bugs, weather and so forth, it still remains the biggest source of heat loss in a home, consequently forcing household temperatures to compensate, which drives up utility bills unnecessarily. But a new breakthrough in "smart glass" windows could redefine home energy efficiency.

The MIT Technology Review, a news publication from the Cambridge institution, reports that the California-based startup company Heliotrope Technologies is developing a new, cost-effective glass composite to be implemented in what it dubs "smart windows." According to the source, this material has the capability to block out heat-generating infrared radiation from the sun. By curbing heat gain from the sun, these smart windows can effectively reduce the need to generate cool air within the home, thereby improving energy efficiency and cutting down on utility expenses.

While Heliotrope is only just now sending out samples of its smart glass to manufacturers for an evaluation of "its potential for commercial and residential buildings," the company aims to have the first, cost-effective iteration of its product available within the next three years.

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