Save money and energy with these home improvement tips

This winter has been particularly harsh and has sent people scrambling to reduce their heating and energy costs. But saving money and energy should not be bound by any season and any changes you make today can have positive effects in the long-term. If you are looking to reduce the amount of energy your home consumes while also saving money, these suggestions can help:

  • Energy audit: If you are not sure where to start your energy efficiency upgrades, have an audit done by professionals. A company will come in and advise you on what you need to change in order to reduce your energy costs. All wasteful areas will be helpfully identified.
  • Install ceiling fans: Many people overlook the simplest ways to keeping their home eco-friendly. The ceiling fan is not only a decorative piece for a room, but it can also serve an important function. In the summer, fans will recirculate cool air into other rooms of the house while fanning out hot air. They can also keep homes warm in the winter by spreading the hot air around, so you can rely less on your thermostat. A ceiling fan can help save up to 10 percent of your heating and cooling costs.
  • Low flow shower heads: A perfect way to cut down on your monthly utility bills is by installing a low-flow head in your shower. With different models, the water flow will slow down to a trickle once it reaches a certain temperature, so you will spend less on hot water. Experts estimate an average savings of $250 each year when these are put in.

To help reduce your energy costs and save money, have R&J Tinting install energy saving window film in your home today.