Raising awareness to realtors about the value of energy efficient homes

As sustainability grows in popularity among Americans, the importance of a home's energy efficiency (or lack thereof) will become more of a pressing factor for buyers in the market for a new house. The benefits of going green are well known – they reduce monthly utility expenses, yielding long-term savings as a result, and cut back on harmful carbon emissions that pollute the environment.

But despite the pros, there are some cons as well, particularly because of how these residences are treated by realtors. Homeowners that want to sell an eco-friendly house often find themselves frustrated with appraisers that simply don't know how to quantify the financial value of the energy efficiency upgrades made to the property. Even worse, many real estate companies don't even have a separate category for eco-friendly listings, which prevents prospective buyers from being able to search for a green home in the first place.

According to Inman News, a real estate news outlet, this trend may be changing soon. The source reports that the National Home Performance Council is launching a new nationwide awareness campaign in September, designed to target how realtors gather and aggregate market data for energy efficient homes. The council will be assisting the 850 MLS organizations throughout the nation in establishing specific fields for green properties in their real estate listings.

The awareness campaign also seeks to better educate appraisers and lenders about how to identify and calculate the value of energy efficient renovations performed on a home.

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