Poor insulation could drive up your energy bills this summer

The summer can be a fairly expensive season for home or business owners. That seems to especially be the case this year, with one 90 degree heat wave after another making life without air conditioning unpleasant at best and miserable at worse. Even if you do have AC, the temptation to keep it running all day and night is an alluring one but will ultimately drive your electric bills higher than you would like them. However, there are certain energy efficiency measures you can take to make your household both budget-friendly and environmentally sound.

One of the biggest detriments to energy efficiency is poor insulation. According to The Catoosa Times, statistics from the U.S. Department of Energy show that temperature regulation affects up to 70 percent of the typical American household's energy consumption. This is a consequence of weak insulation, which allows all that cool air your AC is generating to leak outside, forcing it to stay on longer and raise your electric costs unnecessarily. There are a variety of products you can apply to your home to increase energy efficiency and reduce waste, one of which is residential window tinting.

While tinting your windows can help make a home more private, solar control window film also works to absorb sunlight hitting the house, giving you a greater degree of control over your property's temperature and, ultimately, lower your bills. Virginia homeowners interested in tinting their windows – and looking for a wide array of energy saving window film options to choose from – are encouraged to contact the specialists at R and J Tinting.