New York sees spike in demand for energy efficiency

As states begin making energy efficiency requirements into law, some places have reported a growing demand from residents for sustainable buildings. One of the biggest hotspots of this trend has been New York, particularly after establishing its Greener, Greater Buildings Plan. Now, many property owners in the Big Apple have begun asking for help in abiding by – and improving on – mandated eco-friendly standards.

Greentech Media reports that the biggest driving forces behind this clamor for greener power are a pair of new laws: Local Laws 84 and 87. Local Law 84 asks for large building owners to make annual measurements of their energy consumption. Local Law 87 pushes this condition further, requiring owners whose holdings exceed 50,000 square feet – which applies to over 15,000 buildings in the state – to get an energy audit of their property done. This process not only establishes a building's energy efficiency profile, but also recommends steps that can be taken to further regulate power use. The law also stipulates "retro-commissioning" or "tune-up" upgrades to be performed to the premises once per decade in order to better augment efficiency.

"This law is a great catalyst for people to say 'I have to do this anyway, so now is a great time to handle it,'" Jeffrey Perlman, president of the energy company Bright Power, told the source. "We've seen a real uptick in folks who are interested in getting the most out of Local Law 87."

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