New website allows homeowners to see energy efficient incentives

The United States Department of Agriculture announced in early December that it was allocating $250 million in federal money to a new initiative designed to fund rural electric companies for energy efficient programs. The plan is called the Energy Efficiency and Loan Conservation Program, and the money from it can be used for home appliance upgrades, energy audits, and retrofitting homes to save people both energy and money.

But for somebody who might be unaware of the benefits offered by the government, a non-profit group has designed a website to help out. Appalachian Voices, a group based out of North Carolina, has recently launched a new website known as the Energy Savings Action Center. On the site, customers are prompted to provide their home address and can see any possible energy-saving incentives, such as tax credits or low-cost loans for energy efficient upgrades, that are available in their area.

Customers using the website can also learn what local businesses provide weatherization, energy audits, repairs, and any other programs that could be useful in reducing both the energy fee and consumption of a person's home. But if an address is entered whose energy provider is not a part of the federal Energy and Loan Conservation Program, the website will lead the consumer to a page for writing letters, encouraging the person to contact their energy company to request they join the government measures.

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