Mayors across the U.S. make energy efficiency a high priority

At the 82nd annual Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C., mayors from over 300 cities across the United States have unveiled a new plan to make energy efficiency a top priority for their administrations. They want to significantly expand their investment in green technologies over the next five years, despite various budget constraints. The mayors were surveyed on their different energy goals and the answers highlighted how cities are taking advantage of new energy technology and making the city operations more energy efficient.

The survey is titled Energy Efficiency and Technologies in America's Cities and was unveiled during the annual meeting this past week. Done in conjunction with Philips – a leading U.S. light bulb manufacturer – the mayors indicate they plan to make energy efficient lighting a top priority within the next two years. LED light bulbs were the primary example of the technology the community leaders want to embrace on a large-scale level. The mayors named LED and energy efficient lighting as the "most promising" technology for reducing city energy consumption and carbon emissions.

"This survey shows again how mayors are leaders in energy innovation, deploying new technologies, pursuing new efficiency systems, reducing their communities' energy use and lowering costs for their taxpayers. Their best practices as well as the findings of this survey confirm that investing dollars in city energy efforts is a very good investment for the private sector and the nation," said U.S. Conference of Mayors President Scott Smith during his address to the group.

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