Massachusetts architects promoting energy efficient home development

While still a fairly partisan issue in the United States, energy efficiency has a lot of allies throughout the country, in both government and businesses. A number of Americans have petitioned for ways to improve power conservation and reduce the country's carbon footprint. Now, a pair of architects from Natick, Massachusetts, have lent their voices to the debate, proposing a method to create more green-friendly homes.

According to The MetroWest Daily News, a local publication, real estate developers Randy Johnson and John Horne have suggested modifying residential zoning standards in order to promote the development of more compact, and consequently more energy efficient, houses. The pair argue that by reducing the minimum lot size for each unit, as well as requiring builders to follow other strict energy conservation standards, occupants for these new buildings could enjoy a reduction in heat loss and lower utility bills. Johnson and Horne plan on presenting their plan at a town hall meeting this fall.

"I think we're trying to get ahead of the curve and look to the future," Johnson told the source. "The idea is to stimulate discussion."

While the usual pattern for suburban housing development typically emphasizes larger homes on bigger lots, Johnson notes that this demand could change in the future. Natick's housing planner, Joseph Merkel, added that while residents may be wary of size reductions now, there has been a steadily growing demand for smaller residences as homeowners are looking to cut back on the costs required to maintain big properties.

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