Maryland county holds public gathering on energy efficiency

In a bid to better promote new energy efficiency measures and the lower expenses they offer, Queen Anne's County, Maryland, officials held a public meeting last month where local towns were told about how they could receive funding for eco-friendly programs at affordable rates.

The presentation was led by Terry Daly, the Project Finance Manager of the Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC). Founded in 2008 as part of Governor Martin O'Malley's "Smart, Green and Growing" campaign, the MCEC is dedicated to increasing the number of clean energy products and innovations for both households and businesses, in order to encourage job creation, cut back on harmful greenhouse gas emissions and reduce utility costs. The MCEC offers Maryland towns new energy efficiency programs that can help curb power consumption. Instead of making these municipalities pay for the upfront costs of green upgrades, the MCEC receives repayments through the savings that participating towns accrue. 

"We're an instrumentality of the state with a mission of clean energy, new technology, green jobs," Daly told local news outlet The Bay Times. "One of the authorities given to the Clean Energy Center when we were incorporated was the ability to issue tax exempt bonds, primarily for energy efficiency measures."

Daly and other MCEC officials used the forum to inform Queen Anne's County residents about the green programs available to them at low rates, piquing the interest of county officials.

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