Maryland approves $95 million funding for energy efficiency programs

Just last week, Maryland held onto its ranking as the country's ninth most energy efficient state. Hot off the heels of that success, the state is taking new measures to further its green portfolio, with officials now approving a requested $95 million in funds for utility-operated efficiency programs.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the money is directed at the EmPOWER Maryland initiative, a statewide campaign set up to reduce electricity consumption among households and businesses by introducing more efficient alternatives. The program offers services like home inspections, financial incentives and rebates for customers that buy more eco-friendly appliances.

This rush of new funds comes at a time when the Maryland Public Interest Research Group issued a new report indicating that, despite its national ranking, the state was in danger of falling short of its goal of a 15 percent reduction in per-capita electricity use by 2015. The infusion of $95 million into EmPOWER Maryland and utilities like Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. will help create a "renewed commitment" between the state government and its energy ambitions.

"We take the EmPOWER goals seriously and with a sense of urgency to ensure the ratepayers of Maryland can benefit from the cost savings achievable through energy efficiency and demand response programs," said the Maryland Public Service Commission. "Accordingly, we order the Utilities to effectively and aggressively execute the programs associated with the additional funding."

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