Make your home heat wave proof this summer

While many clamored for hotter weather over the long winter, this year's summer has proven to be maybe a little too hot, with one heat wave after another pushing thermometers to 90 degrees and higher. This kind of weather is especially brutal for tenants that live on higher floors. As hot air rises from the bottom of a building to the top, these unlucky residents will be stuck living in rooms that are even more sweltering than the outdoors. While air conditioning is always an option for beating the heat, it's not a very budget-friendly method.

For those looking to keep their cool this summer without having to break the bank, here are a few tips to remember:

  • Appliances add unnecessary heat. Leaving machines plugged in and turned on contributes to the temperature within your home. Light bulbs in particular emanate a lot of unneeded heat. Unplug anything that doesn't need to be on all day – like a computer for example – and replace your incandescent bulbs with more energy efficient LED models.
  • Keep your home ventilated. Running fans and opening windows can create some nice cross ventilation, which will help circulate cool breezes throughout the house.
  • Stay hydrated. Always make sure you have enough water to drink. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as much as possible, as these only work to dehydrate the body. Cool yourself off by soaking towels or clothes in cold water and then placing them on your head or shoulders.

One of the best ways you can cool down the house without resorting to air conditioning is with house window film. Window tinting is not only great for maintaining privacy at home, but can absorb sunlight impacting the house. The less sun your home receives, the cooler it will be. Virginia residents interested in heat control window film should contact R and J Tinting for more information.