Kent County, Maryland, residents gear up for Energy Assistance Week

For residents of Kent County, Maryland, Energy Assistance Week is fast approaching, and with it, the promise of cheaper heating bills this winter.

Slated for the week of October 20 to 26, Energy Assistance Week is a campaign held every month (save for June) designed to promote awareness of efficiency programs that can help homeowners make their households more eco-friendly and, consequently, less expensive to power. This month's week was announced at a County Commissioners' meeting on Tuesday, October 15, by Robin Hawthorne, supervisor for the Kent County Office of Home Energy Program. 

During her address, Hawthorne cited the success of last year's program, which helped save 1,176 customers over $1 million in energy expenses. The initiative has already served 605 people this year, with $269,000 distributed from the Maryland Energy Assistance Program, set up to provide help for heating, cooling and electricity bills. Each program year starts from November 15 and runs until the funds dry up.

Hawthorne asserted that audits help weed out duplicate applicants – such as four occupants of one home all signing up for funds – while also offering aid for low-income households. There are also a handful of contingency programs available to take advantage of in the event that energy assistance funds become depleted. Services like free home weatherization and the Delmarva Power's Low Income Energy Efficiency Program ensure building upgrades that help improve insulation and, consequently, reduce utility costs.

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