Howard County, Maryland, to build largest American solar power station

Energy efficiency is on the rise in Maryland, particularly in the area of solar power. Once thought of as an environmentalist pipe dream, renewable solar energy is now increasingly entering the mainstream in Maryland, thanks to a combination of cheaper utility expenses and declining costs on typical solar panels. But local green advocates are about to get another feather to put in their cap. According to The Baltimore Sun, Howard County has approved construction for what will become the United States' single largest solar power station.

According to the source, Bith Energy Inc., a locally-based renewable energy development firm, has been granted the county's permission to build 10,400 solar panels – an array that would generate as much as two megawatts of power – in the town of West Friendship. Once completed, the station would become the country's greatest solar power generator and the first such array designed to sell energy to a utility. The Sun adds that the company could, given additional approval, expand the station's capabilities to generate up to 10 megawatts of power. 

William Pino, director of electric supply for Baltimore Gas and Electric Co., told the source that the two megawatts generated by the solar array could easily power 550 homes for an entire year. Bith Energy believes that the solar panels' capabilities could reach an even greater clientele and help deliver energy to nearly 1,000 houses. 

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