How Shaheen-Portman bill will curb energy consumption

Yesterday, we talked about how a new bipartisan energy efficiency bill was slated to arrive on the floor of the Senate for debate and possibly passage into law. Sponsored by Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Rob Portman, the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act – often shortened to just Shaheen-Portman – aims to install new energy-saving improvements to buildings throughout the United States, in an effort to reduce electricity consumption and diminish climate change contributions. But how exactly does the legislation aim to achieve this?

In its report on the energy bill, The Huffington Post spotlights some of the would-be law's critical provisions:

  • Creating national building code standards, to make homes and businesses more energy efficient
  • Cutting down on manufacturers' energy costs and usage to make these companies more competitive
  • Establishing a new Department of Energy project, called SupplySTAR, to provide businesses with methods they can use to improve the efficiency of their supply chains
  • Offering financial incentives to encourage investments into green upgrades for commercial, industrial and municipal buildings.

The source also summarizes new data from the Energy Information Administration, that attributes three-quarters of U.S. energy consumption to houses and commercial buildings. By making residences and businesses a target for eco-friendly modifications, Shaheen-Portman could potentially save billions of dollars in wasted energy expenses. These sustainability advances would also greatly cut back on the country's influence on climate change.

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