How cost-effective is maintaining an energy efficient home?

Regular readers of this blog are likely aware by now of the myriad benefits afforded to them by going green at home. Energy efficiency can help significantly lower expensive utility bills every month, as well as reduce your carbon footprint. With the country taking more eco-friendly steps every day, the housing market is beginning a shift toward benefiting homeowners of energy efficient houses, revealing a new perk of green living: A more valuable home. 

That's certainly one of the motivators driving Ron Afdal of Concord, California. The 73-year-old retired parole officer spoke with The San Francisco Chronicle about the wealth of green modifications he has implemented in his 57-year-old home, including:

  • Adding solar panels to the roof
  • Installing fans to circulate cooler air
  • Insulating the attic 
  • Replacing the light bulbs with more eco-friendly LED bulbs
  • Switching out the air conditioning and heating for a more efficient HVAC system.

"I'm investing money in the home to increase its value," Afdal told the source.

He's not the only one either. But as plenty of homeowners make significant green investments to their houses to improve resale value, is the cost-benefit ratio actually worth it? According to Julie Reber of Zephyr Real Estate, energy efficiency is more of a fringe benefit than a selling point for many properties on the market at this point. While this may certainly change in the future, as of now, making thousand-dollar green upgrades to a house may not prove equally lucrative to home buyers.

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