Have a merry (and energy efficient) Christmas

Though it is only the first week of December, the Christmas season is fully upon us. And while many are busy decorating the tree and buying presents to avoid any last-minute trips to the overcrowded mall, it is the perfect time to consider making your holiday an energy efficient one.

To help make this Christmas environmentally friendly, follow these three simple tips.

Use LED Bulbs: This kind of light bulb will not only improve your energy efficiency, but also your holiday safety. Unlike other types of bulbs, LED lights are always safe to the touch and will not burn anybody's hands. They are just as festive, now coming in all the same varieties of colors as traditional Christmas lights. These products help you avoid overloading your electrical circuit while still looking stylish.

Shop Online: Everybody loves using this most convenient option. If you want to avoid being stuck in long lines at Apple or being frustrated while trying to find an empty parking space, there is a simple solution in shopping online. You will save yourself time, and not making so many trips to and from stores will reduce your energy consumption, as well as your fuel costs. Just make sure to give Amazon enough time to ship your products around the holidays

Send e-cards: Sending out a Christmas card to friends and family is one of the simple pleasures of this season. But to cut down on any unnecessary waste or environmental damage, an e-card is the perfect way to show that you care both about the person and your carbon footprint. A thoughtful online card can really brighten somebody's Christmas season.

Improving the energy efficiency of your home year round is easy with the use of protective window films. To reduce your heating and electrical expenses, contact R&J Tinting.