Energy efficiency contest chooses Connecticut homes for upgrades

Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) and The United Illuminating Co. (UI), two regional utility companies that service the electricity needs of the Constitution State, launched a new contest designed to raise awareness about the benefits of eco-friendly homes. After combing through the pool of applicants, CL&P and UI settled on two homeowners in Fairfield and West Hartford, Connecticut, as the winners of the Energy SuperSTARS Challenge.

Karen Guastelle, the 55-year-old Fairfield winner, relayed her enthusiasm over winning to The Fairfield Sun, a local news publication. According to the source, Guastelle has been dealing with inefficient windows in her home, which have been making it harder for her to cool the building and maintain control over the household's temperature. When she heard that she had been selected for the Challenge's free, green upgrades, Guastelle said she was thrilled, especially as she had never had any energy-related services performed on her house before.

"We had an excellent response from many interested homeowners on our Facebook page and we are excited to start the Challenge," said Jamie Howland, chairman of the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Board. "It's a very visible way to get Connecticut residents thinking about how they can improve on the energy efficiency of their homes while making smart energy choices. We can't wait to see how the challenge unfolds for the two SuperSTARS."

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