Energy efficiency bill may soon be back on track

Over the summer, a bipartisan energy efficiency bill known as the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act – but commonly referred to as Shaheen-Portman – gained momentum among both parties with what was a hopeful outlook on reworking the country's energy policy. Subsequent budget crises and debates over the national debt, which led to the first federal government shutdown in 17 years, sidelined the legislation though, causing many to lose faith that the bill would even be addressed, much less passed, by Congress before the end of the year. But new remarks from co-sponsor Senator Jeanne Shaheen have rekindled hopes of getting the potential law back on track.

Speaking to a crowd of energy industry leaders on Capitol Hill, Shaheen told her audience that the Senate energy committee has already cleared 15 amendments added to the bill, garnering the further support needed to get what may be a filibuster-proof majority. With that kind of protection, Shaheen and co-author Senator Rob Portman could reignite debate over the bill and get it pushed into passage.

"This is a bill that could actually be passed by both houses of Congress. This is something we can do now, this year, to help us progress on energy," Shaheen told the audience, adding that the bipartisan bill is looked to as the standard for reforming the country's energy portfolio. "[Lawmakers] have said to Senator Portman and me […] that they think the road to other energy legislation, the road to additional energy policy, goes through Shaheen-Portman."

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