City saves almost $150,000 with energy efficiency measures

Watervliet, a city in New York State, has reportedly saved $146,000 due to the implementation of energy saving measures between June 2011 and May 2012. The evaluation was conducted by the company Honeywell, who are most famous for their line of home thermostats and turbochargers. The city has been aggressive in working to improve its renewable energy source programs over the last few years, and that hard work and dedication is beginning to pay off financially.

"t's great to see the outcome of the work put in to make our city's municipal operations run more efficiently. After seeing the impact current energy efficiency upgrades have made, this report provides a roadmap to continue work towards environmental sustainability and energy independence," Watervliet Mayor Mike Manning told reporters.

According to a press release containing the good news, Watervliet has installed many different energy efficiency projects over the past several years. The major commitments include a 1.25 megawatt hydroelectric facility pump, solar installations at the main fire station and senior living facility and energy saving lighting across the city's municipal buildings.

The biggest cost-saving measure was the new hydroelectric plant. The facility provides power to the city's water pumping station, which pumps water to the Watervliet reservoir for processing before it can be released to the general public for consumption. During the period measured by Honeywell, the new energy saving policies have reduced the costs of the pump house by an estimated $17,000.

The city received funding for these installations through federal and state government stimulus programs, which provided $575,000 for the work. The city is now working on plans to sell the excess electricity that is saved, as the hydroelectric plant alone could raise an estimated $300,000 by getting rid of its unused electricity.

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