California emerges as one of the most energy efficient states

Finally delivering on longstanding promises to renew the United States' commitment to serious energy efficiency and climate change initiatives, the White House has begun putting into action a plan aimed at weaning Americans' electricity needs off of carbon pollution-prone power plants and refocused onto greener sources. As the administration begins making its national push to establishing more energy efficient homes, some states are reportedly more ahead of the curve than others.

A new study from the Natural Resources Defense Council, a leading body on U.S. environmental and energy policies, shows that California is one of the nation's prime examples of energy efficient living. Through eco-friendly approaches like upgraded lighting and weatherized homes, the Golden State has spent the last 40 years adjusting its residents to a lifestyle that uses just as much, if not less, energy but with only half the expense of fossil-fuel sources.

The data highlights some of the state's greatest achievements in energy efficiency, including:

  • $65 billion in energy savings for businesses and homeowners.
  • Economic output per kilowatt-hour consumed is twice as great as the rest of the nation's.
  • Electric bills are 25 percent cheaper than the national average, and millions of low-income houses are generally paying much less in utility expenses.
  • Five million cars' worth of carbon pollution cut down on an annual basis.
  • Per capita electricity consumption has stayed relatively flat over 40 years while other states have seen increases up to 50 percent.
  • State-mandated building codes and appliance standards have reduced wasted power.

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