Ambitious new program seeks enormous global gains in solar power

For many energy efficiency advocates, solar power is the future of clean, renewable fuel. While development in solar panel technology has made great strides in recent years, making what was once a pipe dream a more practical and affordable option, the dream of a global economy and society driven by solar is still a long ways off. But new initiatives every day push the global community closer to that endgame, and a new program in the UK has set up some ambitious goals to achieve it.

The Climate Group, a non-profit advocacy group for clean energy, reports that UK scientists Sir David King and Lord Richard Layard have proposed a new, global solar power project called Sunpower. The plan's goal is to increase the abundance of solar-derived electricity in the world to the point where it comprises 10 percent of the world's energy supply by 2025 and then 30 percent by 2030. To that end, Sunpower also looks to reduce the cost of solar power supplies to lower levels than that of fossil fuels.

"The Sun sends energy to the earth equal to about 5,000 times our total energy needs," Sir King wrote in UK news publication The Observer. "It is inconceivable that we cannot collect enough of this energy for our needs, at a reasonable cost." 

Sir King and Lord Layard have also stressed the global implications of such an initiative, not only encouraging all governments to participate but also to spread awareness of Sunpower and other solar energy initiatives among their populations.

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