ACEEE endorses Shaheen-Portman amendment

Despite bipartisan support from a wealth of businesses and trade organizations, the Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill has become trapped in Senate debates and doesn't look to be any closer to passage into law than it was earlier this summer. Despite this, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has given the bill a little extra boost in the form of an endorsement – not for the bill itself, but rather for an amendment. In a new assessment of the would-be law, ACEEE praised the bill's State Energy Race to the Top Initiative amendment, labeling it number one in its cost-benefit ratio for taxpayers and number two in the potential energy costs it could save for consumers.

According to Fierce Energy, a news outlet that tracks developments in the renewable energy industry, Race to the Top was initially planned as a standalone bill in June 2013 before getting tacked on to Shaheen-Portman. The initiative was drafted in response to findings that showed 57 percent of all energy in the United States is wasted in heat, leaks or noise – in other words, the country wastes more power than it uses. The sum total cost of this waste is $130 billion per year. 

To reverse this, Race to the Top encourages voluntary state and local campaigns that ask for new strategies on how to increase energy productivity, lower consumer utility bills and create new jobs. States that come up with the best ideas on how to accomplish these goals would then receive federal funding to put them into the action. According to the ACEEE analysis, every dollar invested into the Race to the Top programs would yield $8.40 of saved energy expenses in return. 

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