Business leaders oppose ending Energizing Indiana program

Earlier this month, the Indiana state legislature made headlines when both chambers voted, by a wide margin, to end the state's Energizing Indiana program. The initiative has been in existence for the last several years, but opponents argue that it is a waste of taxpayer money, because most people do not see the benefits of having a more energy efficient home. While Governor Mike Pence (R) has yet to veto or approve the legislation, business leaders in Indiana are beginning to speak up about it.

"Energy efficiency programs in Indiana create jobs," 11 major businesses stated in a joint letter to the governor. "Indiana is home to businesses who manufacture energy-efficient equipment such as chillers, air-conditioners and heaters, and to companies that make industrial facilities more efficient."

The businesses that want to see Energizing Indiana stay active are among the most prominent employers in the entire state. The 11 companies include General Electric, Honeywell and United Technologies, accounting for 10,000 manufacturing and energy efficiency jobs in Indiana.

Governor Pence only has a few hours left to make the decision to either approve or veto the bill, as the deadline is by the end of the day on Thursday. If he chooses not to sign it, the bill will automatically become law. According to those familiar with the governor's bill-signing schedule, it is not included.

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