3 tips to ensure your home’s security while you are away

If you travel frequently for your job, or are just planning your family's yearly holiday trip, there are many different aspects that you will have to get under control before you leave. What you might not be aware of is how to  ensure that your home remains secure even when you are not around. You want your residence to be as secure as absolutely possible, so you won't have to come back from a nice relaxing trip to a household that has been broken into.

Here are a few tips to ensure your home's security while you are away:

  • Don't broadcast your trip: Any pictures you take shouldn't be posted to social media until after you have returned. You never know who is watching your online presence, so don't tell anybody outside of friends and family that you will be gone.
  • Have somebody check in: While you won't be home to check on your place, you can have a friend or family member do it for you. Make sure that this person waits until you have been gone for a few days, so they can stop by and see if everything is as it should be.
  • Window tinting: You can obscure the view inside your home by having the windows tinted. Not only will this look great and save you money year round, it will also provide your residence with another layer of security. This will be especially important as you travel and aren't home to report any suspicious activity.

If you are interested in improving the security of your household, be sure to schedule an appointment with R&J Tinting for our Northern Virginia window tinting products and services.