3 tips for cutting down on sun glare in the home

During the day, excessive amounts of sunlight can flood into the house, particularly through windows on the east and west side of the structure. As a result of this, the interior temperature of a home can rapidly rise, which can be especially uncomfortable on hot summer days. Not only can this have a direct impact on your energy bills, but it can also be inconvenient, with the glare from the sun's rays making it difficult for you to read or watch television. The good news is you don't have to block out all natural light in order to reduce the glare!

Here are a few ways you can cut down on the sun's glare in your home:

  • Awnings: Glare can be the worst from the midday sun, and awnings can help you block it out. By having them installed above the exterior of your windows, the direct sunlight will be kept out, but the less harsh natural lighting will still be allowed to flood into the room.
  • Shades: For a solution that you have under your control, classic drapes or blinds are the solution for you. This will allow you to adjust the window treatments how you like so that how much light is let into the room is entirely up to you.
  • Window tinting: Having your windows outfitted with energy saving window film is a great, and temporary, way to keep your windows protected from UV rays. The tint will absorb all of the direct heat from the sun, which will keep your home free from glare!

If you are looking to decrease the glare in your house, be sure to schedule an appointment with R&J Tinting for our Ashburn window tinting products and services.