Residential Tempered Films

child pushing on cracked tempered window filmThere’s no getting around it: Windows can break. This doesn’t mean the window is a faulty product or that shoddy workmanship is to blame. Being made of glass, it’s not just possible but probable that some circumstance will cause them to shatter. Powerful storm winds have been known to frequently break windows, especially if they’re whipping around items outdoors, which can all too easily crash into the side of your home.

As parents can attest, kids are also common causes of broken windows. Whether they’re rough housing indoors or playing baseball outside, there are a slew of ways in which a child may accidentally shatter one of your home’s windows.

When windows break, they erupt into thousands of large and tiny glass shards, the smallest of which can cut through bare skin and even prove fatal to both kids or pets. While tempered glass helps minimize this somewhat Рthanks to its design of separating into pebble-shaped pieces when broken Рthey can still become deadly projectiles capable of inflicting harm.

This is what makes tempered residential window tinting such an important feature for any household. This kind of tinting film is designed with multiple layers of strength and protection that can be installed into any window around the home. Not only does this film reduce risk of breakage, but, should the window break someday, it will shield occupants from the shards. Tempered window film effectively holds in broken pieces by keeping them attached to the film and out of harm’s way for the benefit of your kids and pets.

Homeowners in the Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C., area looking for some tempered protective window film can contact R and J Tinting for more information and available options.