Residential Solar Protection

residential windows with solar protection window filmAll across America, increasing numbers of homeowners are taking steps to live more energy efficient lives. The reasons vary from financial to environmental – the reduction in energy consumption brought on by eco-friendly measures contributes significantly to cheaper utility expenses and fewer environmentally-harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

Whatever your reason for wanting to go green, there are a dizzying amount of options out there, many of which can prove to be expensive and time-consuming. For something that’s both affordable and easy to implement into your home, consider investing into residential window tinting film.

Solar window film is an intuitive option for improving household energy efficiency. Normally, sunlight and heat can be easily transmitted into a home through glass windows or doors. Not only does this level of brightness contribute to nuisances like glare and fading, but it can also significantly raise your indoor temperatures. This is particularly problematic in the summertime, when solar heat gains counteract the efforts of fans and air conditioning to keep you cool, thereby requiring your appliances to consume more energy, which unnecessarily drives your bills up higher.

But solar control window film prevents this. This specialized brand of window tinting cuts down on the amount of solar heat and sunlight that enters a home, making it easier for homeowners to maintain consistent indoor temperatures and leaving behind more affordable utility expenses as a result. Not only does this residential window tint reduce solar heat gain, it also prevents sunlight from imposing glare onto screens or causing fabrics or hardwood surfaces to fade.

If you live in the Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C., area and are looking for help in both improving household energy efficiency and protecting your furniture from the damage of sunlight, contact R and J Tinting today. We have a slew of solar control window tinting options that offer heat and UV protection.