Virginia Energy Council meets in Richmond

A couple of months ago, in the first week of June, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) signed an executive order that established the Virginia Energy Council, a group that would be made up of energy leaders from across the entire state that would exist to come up with different ways Virginia could rely more heavily on clean energy technology and practices.

On Monday, August 18, the Virginia Energy Council convened its first meeting in the state's capital of Richmond. The purpose of the first meeting was simple: The leaders were there to brainstorm different ways that Virginia could become a greener part of the United States and have healthier impact on the environment than it currently does.

Although the meeting was simply an introduction to what the group hopes to ultimately accomplish, they are working within a very tight timeframe. According to the order signed by Governor McAuliffe, the council will have to have specific recommendations ready to present to the Virginia General Assembly within the next two months.

The council is expected to address several key areas of energy consumption in the state. This includes expanding the use of solar and wind power, improving overall productivity and efficiency, creating a diverse number of energy sources and substantial job growth in the energy sector. These all need to be met with urgency in the guidelines that are ultimately recommended.

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