Vermont announces new state energy efficiency loan program

For homeowners in Vermont who want to improve the energy efficiency of their residences, they will now be able to take out loans with the state's government. At the end of last week, Governor Peter Shumlin (D) announced the creation of a nearly $800,000 loan program that will be available to all citizens throughout the entire state of Vermont.

The money is for those who want to upgrade their homes to cleaner burning fuels or are seeking to improve the overall thermal efficiency. It is a two year pilot program that will be headed by the Shumlin administration, which will partner with the state's efficiency utility Efficiency Vermont. It offers $770,000 for energy efficient and home retrofit upgrades, with the funds expected to leverage at least $7 million over the next 24 months.

"It's all part of our plan to have a cleaner, greener Vermont and grow jobs and economic opportunity while we do it," Governor Shumlin said in a public statement.

The loans are all available at low-interest, providing incentives to those homeowners who are looking for ways to cut how much energy their home consumes on a monthly basis. Governor Shumlin wants it to become more affordable for citizens to keep their homes warm or cool throughout the year, despite the increasingly expensive power costs.

The upgrades that will be available for homeowners who take part in the program include weatherization, energy-efficient oil furnaces and cold climate heat pumps. People who participate will be able to choose what improvements they would like to have made to their houses.

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