Tips for making a home’s windows more energy-efficient

As we approach summer, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their houses more energy-efficient. This is especially important during the times of year – summer and winter – when we all rely more heavily on our home's HVAC units. Windows that are not properly maintained, or have just gotten old, can lose a large portion of a home's energy. If you do not want to spend an unnecessary amount of money this summer on air conditioning that is just going to leak out of your home, there are certain steps you can take to prevent this from happening.

Here are a few ways to improve the energy-efficiency of your windows:

  • Caulk: One of the biggest ways a home bleeds energy is through holes and other small leaks around windows and doors. To prevent this from happening, simply find all of the holes that are responsible and fill them up with caulk. The fillings should be checked on a yearly basis to ensure they are holding up.
  • Window film: Residential window film is very useful at improving the efficiency of a window. These items can be installed either permanently or temporarily, depending on how long you expect to be using them. The films are especially useful if you live in an area that is on the warmer side all year long.
  • Window treatments: A great way to improve the energy-efficiency of a room is to invest in coverings for your windows. Blinds, shades and drapes will all block the sunlight from entering a room, which will cut down on the heat the sun is able to transfer in. At night, cool air will be kept from coming inside.

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