Tips for living a greener life

When it comes to your house, there is always more you can be doing to reduce its overall energy consumption. There are plenty of ways a homeowner can reduce the amount of power they use, as well as finding other areas to reduce their carbon footprint. Although everybody has an impact on the environment, it is important to be mindful of the ways you can reduce the negative effects you have on the outside world. By making the commitment to living a greener life, you can help save the planet while also saving money on your monthly utility payments.

Here are a few tips for living green:

  • Avoid bottled water: Invest in a filter, so you can have a constant supply of drinkable water from the tap. Bottled water bottles are extremely wasteful and do nothing but harm the environment. Swearing off plastic is an excellent way to reduce your impact on the environment.
  • Cold laundry cycles: Instead of washing your clothes with warm water, simply run the load cold. This will cut down on the energy that is normally used to heat up the water. Cold water will still get your clothes just as clean, while consuming much less power. Also be sure to save your cycles until there is enough clothing to make up a full load.
  • Green cleaning products: Instead of using potentially harmful chemicals to keep your home spotless, you should use natural materials. Baking soda, essential oils and white vinegar are all healthy and eco friendly alternatives to the cleaners you will find in the supermarket. Stop your family – and the air in your home – from absorbing unknown ingredients.

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