South Carolina residents looking for ways to fund energy efficiency projects

While energy efficiency equipment is becoming more affordable for homeowners, this is certainly not the case for everybody. In South Carolina, for example, residents now pay the highest electricity prices in the Southeast and have gone through eight rate hikes from investor-owned utilities since 2009. While these homeowners want to be able to cut down on their overall energy consumption and reduce their monthly utility bills, it is often not possible for those living in what is known as "fuel poverty," or those households who spend a majority of their income on energy costs.

As industry experts know, having weatherization improvements to a home – sealed windows and doors, increased insulation, duct system work – can dramatically reduce the amount of money a household spends on energy each month. While this process does not come cheap, there was often funding available from the U.S. Department of Energy's Weatherization Assistance Program, which has provided energy upgrades to six million homes over the last three decades. But with the federal government trying to reign in spending, this program faces uncertainty in the future.

While the federal government might not be able to fund the weatherization programs needed to help people out, state utilities in South Carolina have stepped up to meet the increasing demand. More and more homeowners now choose an on-bill financing option, which allows homeowners to have all of the energy efficient equipment installed entirely for free. Once they see their monthly power bills drop, the money they would have otherwise been spending on energy goes back to them, with a portion going back to reimburse the utility company.

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