School district announces massive energy savings

At a press conference on Tuesday, May 20, the Cambridge Central School District of New York announced that it has saved nearly $50,000 in annual energy costs since making building improvements earlier in the year. In addition to cutting down on the amount of energy that is being consumed by the schools, the district also received private grants in recognition of its work.

The gas and electric company National Grid assisted the school district with their energy efforts by giving them a $57,000 grant that went toward internal and external lighting fixture upgrades, making the switch to LED lights and state-of-the-art light sensors. Since installing the new lights, the school district has saved 357,000 kilowatt hours of energy.

"We were happy to supply the incentive, and often projects like this need the incentive. You don't just do an energy efficiency project because it feels good: You do it because it has a payback as well," National Grid community relations director Bill Flaherty said at the press conference.

But the effort for the school district to save money is not being led at just the corporate and administrative level, but the schools are actively encouraging students to get involved as well. There is an environmental and conservation program that allows students to come up with their own initiatives to implement in the buildings. The school district's sustainability committee is made up of students, teachers and administrators – all working together toward the same goal.

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