Report: U.S. ranks 13 out of 16 for energy efficiency

On Thursday, July 17, non-profit research group American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released an international scorecard that ranked the overall energy efficiency of 16 major economies across the globe. This is the second time that this list has been tallied, with the first ranking having been released back in 2012. What the ACEEE has found is that the United States has been making very limited progress in the energy front, ranking 13 out of the 16.

Of all the countries on the list, the United States was only able to outrank Russia, Brazil and Mexico. As for the countries that are making great strides in improving energy efficiency and their impact on the environment, Germany ranked number one, followed closely by Italy and the European Union. The 16 nations on the list are among the most powerful in the world, creating 81 percent of the globe's gross domestic product and consuming just over 70 percent of all energy.

"There's really no excuse for the U.S. lagging behind other nations on energy efficiency," Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT) told USA Today. "There's bipartisan common ground on this issue in Congress."

While Welch believes that there can be major progress made on this front in the legislative branch, so far most efforts have stalled and failed. It is the partisan gridlock on energy that has led the Obama administration to release it's own set of regulations for the Environmental Protection Agency, which are to be implemented within the next two years.

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