Report: Most of North Carolina’s clean energy comes from solar panels

Over the last few years, North Carolina has emerged as an energy-efficient leader in the United States. Now, according to a new report out by The Pew Charitable Trusts, the state owes most of its overall progress to solar energy technology. More than any other kind of clean energy, solar panels have made a huge impact in increasing North Carolina's overall efficiency.

In 2013, North Carolina became the third-fastest growing state in the country in regards to energy efficiency. Throughout that year, the state added 343 MW of renewable energy power. Of that, 335 MW were from solar panels, leaving only eight MW from other sources of renewable energy. A major part of the reason for solar's dominance is public initiatives and private investment.

Last year alone, $1.2 billion was invested from private companies to making North Carolina a more solar-friendly state. Because of this, the state has become a "clean leader in the southwest", according to Pew. One of the key drivers in the push for a more efficient state has been the company Duke Energy, which recently announced a $500 million program to attract new levels of investment to the state.

"Given North Carolina's ample renewable resources and skilled technical workers, the state is well-situated to continue growing its clean energy economy," the report says. "The state will be able to capitalize fully on these assets by preserving and strengthening state policies, such as the renewable portfolio standard; leveraging federal policies such as tax incentives; and continuing strong public and private investments in research and development."

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