Report: D.C. is vastly improving its energy efficiency efforts

Over the last few years, Washington, D.C., has become environmentally-conscious, working hard through different public initiatives to become a countrywide leader when it comes to reducing carbon footprints. The nation's capital is first in the country to have LEED-certified green buildings, as well as having the first major sports stadium to be certified green in [by?] Nationals Park. But, according to a new report from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, D.C. has come a very long way in just one year.

The report, which was released earlier this week, shows the progress that D.C. has made when it comes to caring about the environment. The study says that the city ranks 21st in the country, when compared to the other states, in the organization's Energy Scorecard. While this might sound kind of low, D.C. has in fact moved up nine spots from the previous report released toward the end of 2013. 

Out of a possible 50 points, D.C. scored 20 on the scorecard, a sharp improvement from the 14 it received the year before. This is due to different factors, including new transportation policies that have been enacted, improved energy codes and government-led programs that have been adopted by the city. The report predicts that D.C. will only become more energy-efficient in the coming years, as it continues to ramp up its energy efficiency efforts in the long-term.

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