Program helps low income-residents improve home energy efficiency

Making energy-efficient upgrades to a house is a great way for somebody to save money, but the problem is that not everybody can afford the relatively expensive equipment necessary to cut down on power consumption. Fortunately for residents of Pasadena, California, a one-year-old program is aiming to help low-income residents save money on their utility payments.

The initiative – known as Under One Roof – was started a year ago as a partnership between a few different organizations: the Pasadena Housing Department, Pasadena Water and Power, Los Angeles County Neighborhood Housing Services and the Maintenance Assistance and Services to Homeowners Program. These groups came together in an effort to make power more affordable for those who are struggling to make ends meet.

Residents of the city can apply to participate in this program if they are low- to moderate-income households. For those that qualify, there are are several different parts of the program they can participate in, including zero interest loans for home improvements, a refrigerator exchange, as well as other rebates. Homeowners will automatically receive $5,000 worth of exterior upgrades.

"If you get solar and you take out the loan to fix up your window or roof and you get a new fridge and $5,000 in upgrades you really could be looking at like no electricity bill ever. You could be looking at a benefit for the rest of your life," Pasadena Water and Power spokesperson Wendy De Leon told local reporters.

No matter where you live in the country or what your income status is, everybody should reduce their energy consumption to help the environment. Schedule an appointment with R&J Tinting today to learn more about our services and high-quality products, such as our energy saving window film.