New York one of the most environmentally friendly states

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a comprehensive plan that would cut the carbon dioxide emissions of existing power plants across the entire United States. While the ultimate goals of this initiative will be flexible to accommodate the needs of the individual states – and will not take affect for a few more years – some states are already well on their way to reducing their negative environmental impact.

New York state is one of the places that has made the most progress over the last few years when it comes to carbon dioxide gases being let into the atmosphere. The new EPA regulations would require states to cut emissions by 30 percent by the year 2030, using 2005 levels as a metric. According to state officials, New York emissions are currently 24 percent below the levels of 2005. This means that the state is well on its way to meeting – and exceeding – the administration's plan.

New York is just one of the states that is a part of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which was a 2006 agreement that aimed to cut carbon emissions through cap and trade practices. The states in this agreement hold regular auctions to sell off emissions allowances, using the proceeds to invest in green technologies and other renewable energy projects. This group includes Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Delaware and Maryland. Each state has seen significant improvement in reducing carbon emissions.

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