New Hampshire to improve statewide energy efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, New Hampshire has always been a state that has remained a little behind its New England counterparts. While it has not made as much progress in this arena as, say, Vermont or Massachusetts, state officials are hoping to turn that around by announcing a new statewide energy plan that will be rolled out and implemented over the course of the next decade.

Early last week, Meredith Hatfield, the New Hampshire state director of the Office of Energy and Planning and chairwoman of the NH Energy Advisory Council, gave a public address saying that she was helping to devise a new energy plan for New Hampshire. She was at a public hearing on Tuesday, June 24, in Portsmouth to talk about the areas where improvement could be made, as well as getting input from citizens.

Hatfield said that the top priority for the state government was energy efficiency. She discussed studies that have said New Hampshire is losing out on over $330 million in energy savings and economic growth each year it does not try and implement renewable technologies and policies. Hatfield believes it would be best for the entire state to adopt changes that would help the environment and spur private financing.

Hatfield's proposed changes includes establishing an Energy Efficiency Resource Standard, which would create targets that all utilities have to meet through different efficiency programs. New Hampshire is currently the only state in the entire New England region that does not have one of these standards already in place. Hatfield would also like to create a "green bank", which would act as a public trust used for the financing of green projects.

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