Massachusetts was the most energy-efficient state in 2013

When it comes to energy efficiency in the United States, no place has been able to catch up to the progress made by California. For the last four years, the Golden State has topped the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's (ACEEE) list for the more efficient state in the entire country. Well now, according to the new list as reported by Forbes Magazine, California  lost the title to an East Coast commonwealth in 2013.

According to ACEEE, Massachusetts is now the most energy-efficient place in the United States, dethroning the four-time champion California. The organization says that the main reason for the progress made by the Bay State is the Green Communities Act, which has inspired the state and local governments to make significant investments in green energy since 2008. These projects include finding alternative sources of power in the state.

The legislation requires electric utilities in Massachusetts to buy any available energy efficiency improvements that cost less to generate power. According to U.S. Department of Energy official Thomas Bourgeois, this has been a "major boon" to the clean energy market in the state over the last several years.

"Massachusetts continues to lead the nation in energy efficiency because we have made the choice to shape our future, rather than leave it to chance. We will continue to focus on policies that create jobs, decrease dependence on imported energy sources and protect our environment by reducing emissions," Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick said in a public statement.

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